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Oh, I remember loving those books. I didn't read the ones later in the series, but my mother brought home the first four or five from the library for me, and I devoured them.

Did you ever read Elizabeth Enright's books "The Saturdays" "The Four Story Mistake" "Then There Were Five" and "Spiderweb for Two"?, I read those books so many times I had entire passages memorized. I so longed to live with three siblings in a rambling country house with undiscovered secrets and acres to explore.


Nothing grips like a childhood series- mine ranged from "The Five Little Peppers" to Trixie Belden. Such excitement with each new book! Oh, and the Bobbsey Twins!

Joanna Miller

Hi Jancee,

It's me - the Joanna with the Consumer Reports-filing dad who wants to see a guest blog from your dad about the new Penney's in NYC. Okay, I think we had the same childhood. This is getting weird - I don't think I've ever known anyone (other than my mom) who read (and loved) the Betsy, Tacy and Tibb books like I did. LOVED. And those perfect and beautiful illustrations by Lois Lensky? Come on! Those were the best.

I love that you visited MHL's childhood haunts...that is so fantastic.

On a related note, I happen to live in the very neighborhood in Portland, OR that was the setting of one of my other early favorites: the Ramona books, by Beverly Cleary. The local library even leads a tour that covers her stomping grounds.

Finally, on another related note...if you're a Judy Blume fan (quite the opposite end of the spectrum from Betsy and Tacy, I realize), thee is a fantastic event happening in NYC on the 19th - a tribute to her/35th anniversary of the National Coalition Against Censorship:

Sorry for the long-winded comment, and thanks for the Maude Hart Lovelace props and reminding me of something that I once loved but hadn't thought about in a sow's age.


evie b.

Yes! Those were great books.

There's one episode that continues to stick in my mind, for some reason: where they meet a girl whose family had emigrated from Syria to Minnesota (as you do, apparently). That and the illustrations of her headgear.

I remember having no idea what or where Syria was.


Dear Jancee:
Enjoyed your description of your visit to Deep Valley! Wish you had been able to come to the convention in July. Instead, do try to join the NY Chapter in our Violent Study Club some time.

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