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Neel Mehta

Nice. The next step? Post a photo of this cassette all warped by the sun. Librarians can use it to warn patrons of what happens when they don't treat their checkout materials with care.

I'm reading your book right now, by the way. Talk about nostalgia.

Lisa Parks

Dear Jancee,

I am just a few books behind in my Fairmount Book Club reading selections. I fear I will be kicked out of the group soon to start a People Magazine group if I don't catch up. I am half way through your memoir and I am already mourning the night that I finish the book.

You have written the best book to read during the cold, dark days of February when most people need a good laugh! (I'm sure the book is equally as good in other less depressing months). I find myself smiling through situations that we have all had in our younger days. Of course, your working for Rolling Stone is more exciting than my working for Crain's Chicago Business. You can't compare interviewing Bono with a McDonald's franchisee.

Thanks for the sentimental laughs about growing up in New Jersey and your family life - it's nice to know that I am not the only person with eccentric family members.

Yours truly,

Lisa Parks
Chatham, NJ

Lauri Berkenkamp

Dear Jancee,
I have never, in my entire life, written a fan letter before (unless you count the time my mother made me write a condolence note to President Nixon when he resigned), but I just read But Enough About Me and had to write.

I couldn't stop laughing, even when I probably should have. I loved it---thanks for a really fun read.



Just a quick note, I was inquiring about Spoons with name of Citronelle on them and your site came up. I also live in NJ, Quinton, and My Hometown was Citronelle Alabama. Great place to be from. Good luck

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